The days of rewarding extra hours and constant burnout are behind us (and if not, they should be). Learn how your team can achieve the flexibility and speed that Agile promised you without sprints, points, or hours of planning.



Find out why WIP Matters

We prize our ability to multitask yet we rarely acknowledge the impact this has on our ability to get work done. Excess work in progress creates a backlog of value not delivered to customers, adding to code decay, quality issues and decreasing value. Learn how limiting WIP can help your teams manage priority, capacity, and inventory of your work.

Learn to Love Shipping over Planning

Being able to respond to customers needs depends on getting value to them quickly. Planning locks us into what guessing their needs are, and ties our hands to responding to unplanned work. Learn how to shift your focus to getting things to DONE without hours of up front planning or guesswork.


Embrace the Spirit of Kaizen

Agile practices stop working when they fail to adapt with the changing needs of your business. Reviewing data about our delivery systems gives insight into where to make changes to improve the flow of work. Learn how to interpret your team's metrics to make targeted and informed improvements to your process.

Helping Teams Deliver Efficiently, and dare we say…Happily :)


Crafted Kanban is a five week program to launch your company’s custom Kanban system with visibility, predictability and results. We GUARANTEE you will double your team’s efficiency after completing this 5 week industry leading Kanban boot camp.

Each week focuses on objectives and outcomes that will make dramatic improvements to your efficiency by teaching you how to Focus Your Effort, Manage Your Work, Amplify Your Obstacles, Predict Your Delivery, and Improve The System. Led in person by our national Kanban experts, this offering will teach your team that how they work is as important as how much they deliver.


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